Hopf algebras and Galois module theory

25th - 28th May 2020, Online

Schedule and Abstracts

Slides for the talks given are available via the links below. Video recordings are also available.
The complete schedule, along with the list of abstracts, is here.

  • Monday 25th May
    • Caranti: Hopf Galois structures, regular subgroups of the holomorph, and skew braces: two (brief) stories. Slides/Video
    • Nejabati Zenouz: Skew Braces with Additive Group Isomorphic to a Semidirect Product of Cyclic Group of Order p with Cyclic Group of Order pn and Corresponding Hopf-Galois Structures. Slides/Video
    • Stordy: Fixed-Point-Free Abelian Endomorphisms, Braces, and the Yang-Baxter Equation. Slides/Video
    • Koch: Abelian Maps, Braces, and Hopf-Galois Structures. Slides/Video
  • Tuesday 26th May
    • Childs: Existence theorems for Hopf Galois structures and skew braces: a survey. Slides/Video
    • Byott: Counting Hopf-Galois Structures on Galois Extensions of Squarefree Degree and Skew Braces of Squarefree Order. Slides/Video
    • Kohl: Mutually Normalizing Regular Permutation Groups and Zappa-Szep Extensions of the Holomorph. Slides/Video
  • Wednesday 27th May
    • Underwood: Hopf Forms and Hopf-Galois Theory. Slides/Video
    • Truman: Conjugate Hopf-Galois structures. Slides/Video
    • Gil Muñoz: A method to compute the associated order in extensions of p-adic fields. Slides/Video
  • Thursday 28th May
    • Keating: Generic p-extensions.
    • Moles: Classifying totally ramified Galois extensions of prime power order over local fields. Slides/Video
    • Elder: Beyond Heisenberg extensions: Ramification breaks in non-abelian extensions of degree pn Video

Photo and Poster

The conference poster is here.
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