Hopf algebras and Galois module theory

24th - 27th May 2021, Online

Schedule and Abstracts

Slides for the talks given are available via the links below.
The complete schedule, along with the list of abstracts, is here.

  • Monday 24th May
    • Byott: Hopf-Galois structures on non-normal extensions of degree related to a Sophie Germain prime. Slides / Video
    • Crespo: Hopf Galois structures on separable field extensions of odd prime power degree. Slides / Video
    • Colazzo: Skew braces and solutions of the Yang-Baxter equation. Slides / Video
    • Nejabati Zenouz: Skew Braces with Additive Group Isomorphic to a Semidirect Product of Cyclic Group of Order p with Cyclic Group of Order pn and Corresponding Hopf-Galois Structures. Slides / Video
  • Tuesday 25th May
    • Koch: Abelian maps and brace blocks. Slides / Video
    • Caranti: From endomorphisms to regular subgroups, (bi-)skew braces, .... Slides / Video
    • Stefanello: ... the Yang-Baxter equation, and Hopf Galois structures. Slides / Video
    • Underwood: The Haggenmüller and Pareigis Bijection. Slides / Video
  • Wednesday 26th May
    • Kohl: Isomorphic Holomorphs and Bi-Skew Braces. Slides / Video
    • Ezome: Minimal Hopf-Galois structures on separable field extensions. Slides / Video
    • Gil Muñoz: Hopf-Galois module structure of quartic Galois extensions of Q. Slides / Video
    • Prestidge: Hopf-Galois module structure of some non-normal extensions of number fields. Slides / Video
  • Thursday 27th May
    • Ferri: Leopoldt-type theorems for non-abelian extensions of Q. Slides / Video
    • Del Corso: How far is an extension of p-adic fields from having a normal integral basis? Slides / Video
    • Schwartz: Galois scaffolds and Galois module structure for cyclic extensions of degree p2 in characteristic 0. Slides / Video
    • Keating: The Hasse-Arf Theorem and Nonabelian Extensions. Slides / Video

Photo and Poster

The conference poster is here.
The conference photos are here and here.

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