Hopf algebras and Galois module theory

30th May - 3rd June 2022, University of Nebraska at Omaha / Online

Schedule and Abstracts

Slides for the talks given are available via the links below.
The complete schedule, along with the list of abstracts, is here.

  • Monday 30th May
    • Cindy Tsang: Characterization of the type of Hopf-Galois structures on cyclic extensions. Slides / Video
    • Tim Kohl: Normalizing Graphs of Regular Permutation Groups. Slides / Video
    • Ilaria Del Corso: On Fuchs’ problem on the group of units of a ring: the state of the art and some progress using braces. Slides / Video
    • Rob Underwood: Galois Extensions, Forms, and Hopf-Galois Theory. Slides
  • Tuesday 31st May
    • Lorenzo Stefanello: Some new examples of Hopf–Galois structures in which the Hopf–Galois correspondence is surjective. Slides / Video
    • Senne Trappeniers: Bi-skew braces and brace blocks. Slides / Video
    • Andrea Caranti: Skew braces that do not come from Rota–Baxter operators. Slides / Video
    • Alan Koch: Commutator-central maps, brace blocks, and Hopf-Galois extensions. Slides / Video
  • Wednesday 1st June
    • Kevin Keating: A converse to the Hasse-Arf theorem. Slides / Video
    • Paul Schwartz: Galois scaffolds and Galois module structure for totally ramified extra-special p-extensions. Slides / Video
    • Daniel Gil-Muñoz: Hopf-Galois module structure of degree p extensions of p-adic fields. Slides / Video
    • Lindsay N. Childs: A skew left brace yields a solution of the Yang-Baxter equation. Slides / Video
  • Thursday 2nd June
    • Andrea Caranti and Cindy Tsang: Finite p-groups of class two with a very large multiple holomorph. Slides / Video
    • Nigel Byott: Insoluble subgroups of the holomorph of a finite soluble group. Slides / Video
    • Andrew Darlington: Hopf-Galois Structures on separable field extensions of degree pq. Slides / Video
    • Elena Campedel: Hopf Galois structures on Galois extensions of order p2q and skew braces of size p2q. Slides / Video
  • Friday 3rd June
    • Isabel Martin-Lyons and Paul Truman: Introducing weak skew braces. Slides / Video
    • Ilaria Colazzo: YB-semitrusses and left non-degenerate solutions to the Yang-Baxter equation. Slides / Video
    • George Prestidge: Hopf-Galois module structure of tame radical extensions of squarefree degree. Slides / Video

Photo and Poster

The conference poster is here. This year's poster was created by Erin Carmody (PhD 2015, Set Theory)
The conference photo is here.

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